Tendencias De Moda

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In different parts of the world, there are unique designs for women and men. In this case, I will talk about the fashion trend in Colombia, India and a neighborhood of Tokyo calledHarajuku.
In Colombia, Calvin Klein proposed sensual silhouettes sleeveless dresses grown made in China silk crepe and skinny pants in stretch fabric and suit jacket and burlap fabric with widetrousers.
The firm presented is a collection of jeans, which introduced the elastic tissue of the ankle-length and with a whole spectrum and rich reds, pinks, cobalt blues, yellows or greens are lightenedwith casual accessories and sandals light shades and delicate jewelry.
In his collection of bathing suits, the U.S.A. firm opted for bright to sophistication and rich fabrics, accented with metallicdetails, which are mixed with those same vivid orange, gold and silver.
Also presented new proposals for lingerie brand for both men and women, vibrant colors and made in stretch cotton andmicrofiber, combining classic silhouettes with most risky.
As for accessories, he proposed for this high-heeled sandals and ankle linked like other flat cork platforms of the most varied heights.
I think thatthe Colombia trends are very beautiful because the clothes are made in good conditions; it has brilliant colors because the people like it.

Now, I will write as is the fashion in the India.
Atouch of freshness and joy with these colorful and fresh fabrics that are soft and pleasant to the skin, the clothing is based on the Hindu style brought to today woman. Not only the famous have decidedto be guided by this style of dress, but also the common girls to pass like any other, the streets of the city.
This style is characterized by using fabrics like silk with sconces mirrors, silverthreads and strings. Most of them are embroidered by hand with a really very fine. In different threads, and with different colors, the Indian style is characterized as a craft that takes care of...
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