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1. Lisboa
2. Leiria
3. Santarém
4. Setúbal
5. Beja
6. Faro
7. Évora
8. Portalegre
9. Castelo Branco
10. Guarda
11. Coimbra
12. Aveiro
13. Viseu
15. Vila Real
16. Oporto
17. Braga
18. Viana do Castelo

. architecture:
the remains found in Portugal date from prehistoric times. Along the Atlantic coasthave been found dolmens, cave paintings, ancient stone burial chambers, and the Algarve region have been discovered tombs of the Iron Age. Some of the country's most important monuments were built duringthe Roman occupation of the Iberian Peninsula (second century BC-V century AD). The so-called Temple of Diana in the southeast, the ruins of the city of Conimbriga, on the west coast, and the bridgeof Chaves in Trás-os-Montes e Alto Douro, in the northeast, are outstanding examples of Roman architecture. Subsequently, the occupation of the Visigoths in the V century and Muslims in the eighthcentury left their mark on the styles of many buildings and churches in Portugal.
lel Romanesque style is present in the cathedral of Oporto, Braga, Coimbra and Lisbon, the most representative work isthe Gothic church of Santa Maria in Batalha, where the first signs warn Manueline style characteristic of the Portuguese Renaissance, exemplified most characteristic is the Jeronimos monastery inLisbon's Belem district. The fourteenth century was the golden age of Portuguese sculpture, at that time were so beautiful monuments like the tomb of the kings in Alcobaça. Are scarce, however, thepictorial evidence. The pottery of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries is very distinctive and high quality, the same happens with the goldsmith Gil Vicente (XVI century).


Los portugueses sonun pueblo con una importante tradición musical; su música popular es muy variada, e incluye tanto canciones y bailes muy alegres como lamentos pasionales. Especialmente conocidos son los fados,...
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