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en los ochentas es la epoca en la cual la musica era muy diferente los estilos, la ropa, todo

What was more likely for you to spend your time, while you were in High School?
Most of the time Iwas In the school and in our free period it was probably like it is today, you sit at your lunch table, with your friends.

What were usually your plans for the weekends?
The activity i did the mostwas going to the movies, but I always prefered going to the parties, which was every two weekends.

What were your main hobbies?
I loved reading, playing sports but mainly my biggest hobby wascycling.

When you liked a boy/girl, what would you do?
Either the boy asked the girl on a date, by the asking, or he sent a note saying “see you in class tomorrow” and that way you knew that he kindof liked you.

Where would you go out to?
We usually went to the movies, or to grab an ice cream, or simply to a friends house (on the day) and at night we went to parties.

What time were yourparties or gatherings and where?
They were fifteen parties, and they ended at 12:00 am.
What where the family rules that you had to follow?
I needed to say exactly where I was going, what house,who with, etc.
Be respectful with everyone and respect your parents, don’t argue, with them or your siblings, don’t fight with your siblings, etc.

What type of education did you receive from yourparents (Examples)
They were very strict and very conservative. What they said, that is what should be done.

How did you communicate with other people? (Parents, friends etc.)
We only talked withour parents face to face, not like now at days you have all types of comunication, we didnt use cell-phones and such. And we communicated with out friends throughout school and parties, or simplywhen we met. But we didn’t use facebook or phone.

What sort of problems where common with teenagers in that time?
Disobeying their parents, drinking, and/or smoking.

How do you see the current...
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