The bank

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1. What is a bank?
is a financial company that is responsible for raising funds in the form of deposits and lending money, and the provision of financial services

2. What documents are handled inbanks?
Promissory notes, bills of exchange, checks, withdrawal documents
3. What is a check?
is an accounting document of value in which the person is authorized to withdraw money from an account4. What are the parts of the check?
* Name check inserted into your text.
* Serial.
* Place and date of creation.
* Financial institution payment rotated and address.
* Orderoutright pay a sum of money expressed in letters and numbers specifying the kind of currency.
* Firm

5. What is a credit card?
instrument is a user equipment identification, which may be aplastic card with a magnetic strip, a microchip and a number embossed

6. What is a bank transfer?
Transfers are movements of money from one account to another account in a different entity

7. Whatare bank charges?
is an amount of money charged by the bank for a service

8. What are the functions of a bank?
Credit intermediation
The intermediation of payment
Money management

9. Thatis a checking account?
The checking account is a contract between an individual or company and a bank, in which the first deposit money

10. As you withdraw money from a bank?
Presenting the windowwith the passbook and fill out a form

11. Banks offer loans?
If banks offer bank loans with an interest rate.

12. As I can have a bank account?
  Presenting the bank opening an account with asum of money.

13. What type of banks there?
* Public Banks: are banks whose capital is provided by the State in the country
* Private banks are banks whose capital is provided by privateshareholders
* Mixed Banks: are banks whose capital is contributed by both private and public sector and remains so for the time.

14. What is the bank interest rate?
          It is an amount...
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