The berlin wall fall

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The Berlin Wall (German: Berliner Mauer), known as "Anti-Fascist Protection Wall" (for the communist German Democratic Republic, sometimes known as "Wall of Shame" by theWestern public opinion was part of the German border from the August 13, 1961 until 9 November 1989 and spread to West Germany in the GDR until that year.

The wall stretched for 45 miles that dividedthe city of Berlin in two and 115 miles between the western part of the city of the territory of the GDR. It was one of the best known symbols of the Cold War and the division of Germany.

Manypeople died in the attempt to overcome the tough oversight of the GDR border guards as they headed to the western sector. The exact number of victims is subject to dispute and are not known with certainty.Berlin prosecutors considered that the total balance of 270 people, including 33 who died as a result of the detonation of mines. Meanwhile the Center for Historical Studies at Potsdam estimated at125 the total number of deaths in the area of the wall.
The plan of building the Berlin Wall was a state secret of the administration of the GDR. The wall was built at the behest of the SocialistUnity Party of Germany-the work was carried out under the direction and supervision of the Volkspolizei and soldiers of the National People's Army, against the statements of the President of the Councilof State Walter Ulbricht, who, in an international press conference held in East Berlin on 15 June 1961, had answered a question from the journalist Annamarie Doherr:

I understand your question asthere are men in West Germany that they would like to movilizáramos construction workers in the capital of the GDR to erect a wall. I know of the existence of such motives, as construction workers inthe capital chiefly used all his strength in building houses. No one has the motivation to build a wall!.
Ulbricht was, thus, the first to employ the concept wall - two months before to be built....
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