The cap

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It is a cloth designed to cover the head and to block the entry of solar beams to the eyes of the user in case of possessing a frontsurface named visor. The cap consists of an adjustable piece to the cranium, which can include a visor or lateral wings.
The origin of the cap has hisbeginnings in the ancient empires, in the ancient Egypt different types of haido were in use, in the Persian Empire and the Roman Empire a type ofarticle arose for the made head of wool and of conical form that had the curved top, so called Phrygian cap; this one takes it was known then as the " capof the freedom ", since it was carried by the slaves to which his freedom was granted. In ancient Greece the utilization of caps was popular as thepilleus, a simple cap formed of a crown of wool.
The utilization of haidos, caps and veils between the women was popular between the XVth and XIXthcentury, cunado it was supposed the women had to carry them to conceal his hair. Up to the 20th century, approximately in the year 1920, the groupsof women called flappers begin to use an article that was consisting of an exact crown that bob was accentuating his courts of hair, in the same epochone begins to leave the utilization of top hats and the hats begin to be modified, haciéndo his simpler and small crown. The caps also have had amilitary use to identify to the groups, the utilization of military berets arises in the half of the 20th century, precisely in the War of Vietnam.
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