The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty

To take a strong position about weather or not the death penalty is a right choice to make justice is not a simple issue.

It would be necessary to suffer the painand sadness of losing someone that one loves in the hands of a criminal to be able to see if that punishment is enough to make justice and give us some relieve.

To consider the context wherea decision like that can be taken is crucial. The world doesn’t have just only one perfect justice system. Each country has its own process.

Let’s put Iran in one side. There is possiblethat a local authority of a town declare a woman guilty of adultery just because his husband is accusing her, evidence is not necessarily needed, just the word of mouth is enough. The judgmentconsist bury the woman half body and throw stones at her until she dies.

On the other hand we can find a country like U.S.A. where a killer can be sentenced to the gas chamber because ofthe raping and murder of a little girl of only 5 years old. In this case the decision took years and was taken from a 12 people jury after a 3 years trial.

Both countries apply death penaltybut in only one the decision follows a professional process. I’m not saying USA has the best system, but at least the person that is being accused has the right to speak and this could changethe jury’s decision.

What I’m trying to say is that there are crimes so outrageous that it seem the only punishment is dead, but a very efficient, impartial and incorruptible justice systemis necessary to support that kind of decisions, because if not the death penalty could be just a radical decision from not thinking bunch of people. All crimes are not equal and all trialsaren’t similar, the goal of justice should be about building systems for human respect. Is not about revenge, is about creating codes of behaviors where damaging someone else is simply forbidden.
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