Short essay: the death penalty: does the punishment fit the crime?

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The death penalty: Does the punishment fit the crime?

The death penalty is perhaps the most controversial punishment that society can apply to those citizens who breakthe law. But do not deny her human rights to life and not be treated with cruelty? There are crimes that justify their application, people whose death is reflected as a benefit to society?
In late2005, the death penalty applied in cases of intentional crimes with fatal consequences, was implemented in 76 countries, while 122 countries had already abolished the practice. Today, in Mexico, somesectors have expressed support for this initiative, which is necessary to make an exhaustive analysis of possible consequences this would have.
Since the early penal systems, the death penalty remains apractice of "revenge" in response to an insult.
The death penalty as a persuader of offenders have no special effect, and in that way it does not have a reason to be. Treaties have been created, asthe Second Optional Protocol to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by the UN. Kill someone who has committed a murder is a punishment incomparably worse than the murder itself.Equivalent, in which case it would be applied to someone who has warned his victim that he would be killed, imprisoned with anticipation.
What manages to kill a criminal? What benefit means detain,with the possibility that his does not regenerate? The debate is wide, and both sides have strong arguments in their favor. Despite the violations of human rights causes, is a punishment that drastic andvery special cases may be the most effective, but not correct. But this would require an extensive and well managed investigation, knowing their true nature and status of a judicial system must beabove reproach to avoid falling into the errors that corruption and lack of knowledge can bring. Will we ever have that in Mexico? It's hard to tell, but until then it is not productive to discuss the...
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