The Effect Of Temperature On The Corrosion Of Aluminium

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Only the aluminum plates that are stored at a sufficiently high temperature will corrode.
Corrosion in aluminum

Aluminum is the most abundant metal found on Earth and hasexcellent resistance to corrosion. This strong resistance to corrosion is due to the layer of oxide on the metal's surface. Should the coating be damaged, it will immediately reform on the surface.This process will occur is most environments.

The oxide film that forms on the surface of aluminum is normally stable in solutions with pH values between 4.0 and 8.5. The conditions required for thecorrosion of aluminum are that the oxide film must undergo continual abrasion or that the protective coating is damaged while being deprived of the oxygen supply required to rebuild the coating.Increasing the temperature while the humidity of the environment remains constant will also increase the rate of corrosion. A higher temperature will stimulate the corrosion process by increasing thespeed of the diffusion process as well as the electrochemical reactions taking place.
Scientific Terms
Aluminum, corrosion, oxide coating, pH, diffusion process, electrochemical process

MaterialsThe materials required for the science fair project:

- 5 pieces of aluminum plate, each measuring 5centimeters x 5centimeters
- 5 beakers
- 2500 milliliters of tap water
- 50 gramsof salt
- 100 grams of ferric chloride
- 5 beakers
- 4 hotplates
- 1 measuring cylinder
- 1 digital weighing scale
- 1 bottle of vegetable oil
- 5 thermometers
- 1spatula
1. For this science fair project, the independent variable is the storage temperature of the aluminum plate immersed in the salt solution. The dependent variable is the formationof rust on the surface of the aluminum plate. This is determined by observing the aluminum plate after a period of 5 days. The constants (control variables) are the concentration of salts in the...
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