The learning effect of traineeships

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The Learning effect of Traineeships by Maitee Amezqueta Rodríguez Zaragoza Hotel Management School Spain

Consultant Proffessor: PhD. Jeroen Oskam

Hotelschool includes traineeships in theircurricula

- Need to know the operations before to manage them - To get used to the different pace of working life - Learn languages - Put their theory into practice

The Fallowing is a researchproposal for the influence of traineeships on the learning Proccess of Hospitality Management Students

The Learning Effects of Internships

Field of Medicine
Learning “crisis” at the start of theirinternships



“ It struck me that we have learned everything the other way around compared to what we see in practice. We do not see a patient with a hart attack, we see apatient with certain symptoms and we have to find out what it is”

The Learning Effects of Internships

Can we distinguish a similar learning crisis at business and hospitality schools? How dohospitality students bridge this gap ? How do traineeships enable them to make the transition from “declarative” knowledge into “ dynamical” knowledge ?

The Learning Effects of Internships Professional Socialization

Adapting our patterns of conduct to the culture surround us

Big assignment that our students have when changing from an academic to a professional environment

The LearningEffects of Internships

What the students learn during their internships? 1. Internship help students to change declarative into dynamic knowledge 2. Internship are an essential learning ground forthe future professional socialization of students For our first hypothesis we will need to measure the reasoning skills of hospitality students before and after their internship. For our secondhypothesis, we should start making a thorough description of the socialization process itself in order to evaluate the role of internships

The Learning Effects of Internships

Based on Maastricht...
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