The impact of didactic resources for teaching listening

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The Impact of Didactic Resources for Teaching Listening in the Advanced Students from the bachelor on the English Language Teaching at the Foreign Language Department at the UES, 2011.

Description of the problem

Learning a second language demands to be immersed in an environment thatsatisfies all the requirements in the acquisition process in order to domain the four linguistic macro skills: Reading , Writing, Speaking and Listening. Language learning depends on listening because itprovides the aural input that serves as the basis for language acquisition and enables learners to interact in spoken communication. Howat and Dakin define listening as the ability to identify andunderstand what others are saying, this involves understanding a speaker's accent or pronunciation, his grammar and vocabulary and grasping his meaning. Based on his comment an able listener is capableof doing these four things simultaneously. Due to the fact that the changing world demands that English speakers develop a high listening skill to be effective in English communication in diversesituations, students need not only strategies for the listening ability but also to gain confidence, practice and opportunities to grow as listeners. There are many institutions that are available forthose who want to learn English as a second language for example the University of El Salvador specifically the Foreign Language Department is in charge to prepare students to get the high english levelrequired in this competitive world. Consequently a Bachelor of Arts career offered by this department must be able to perform the English listening skill practice in authentic situations those thatlearners are likely to encounter when they use the language outside the classroom. Therefore, it is essential to identify the didactic resources that teachers from Foreign Language Department are...
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