The influence of authoritarian governments in the development of latin ameria as a consolidated regiom

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The Influence of Authoritarian Governments in the economic development of Latin America as a consolidated Region

This essay is going to study the influence of authoritarian governments,especially dictatorships, in the economic development of Latin America as a consolidated region, taking some specific countries and governors in account, such as Fujimori’s, Pinochet’s, Videla’s, Stroessner’s,between others mandates.
Also it should be emphasize that the only development that is going to be study will be the economic, not the social; this because even though some dictatorships hadachieved development through total social repression and crimes against humanity, discouraging social development but not economic one.
The first thing that is needed to be defined is what is understood asan authoritarian government and what as a dictatorship, according to this, next should be done a comparison between different authoritarian and democratic governments in search of patrons of economicdevelopment, allowing this to analyze if the political system is directly relevant to the economic growth and if political freedom imply economic freedom and economic success.
There are also somefundamental aspects that need be taken in account, such as the corruption in dictatorships

Understand the influence of politics in the economic development of countries and more specificthe dictatorships systems.
Research question
Is the political system directly relevant in the advance of the economy of a country?
Proposed Methodology and Sources
The methodology that is going tobe applied is the exhaustive research of the authoritarian governments in Latin America and the later comparison of them and the neoliberal democratic model.
The principal source will be academicjournals and all the available database of the University, EBSCO, Proquest, Springerlink and so on, also books such as “Las Venas Abiertas de América Latina”, Google Scholar and other reliable...
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