The Lord Of The Flies

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The Lord of the Flies is a novel written by William Golding and was published in 1984. William Golding was a teacher in Bishop Wordsworth's School, Salisbury and while their students were doing the exercises, he wrote the book sneaking under the table. Also, he lived the first World War, the battle of Britain, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.
In thisnovel, William Golding did a mix of all the experiences that he had in all his life. The purpose is to open the society his eyes explaining that in this book the deterioration of the civilization, is represented the children turn savages because Jack is a dictatior but Piggy and Ralph want the justice so they started to disagree with each others' ideas

Part 1.
The book started with world war II,a group of children were evacuated from the UK but when their plane passed through a storm, it went down and crashed on a desert island. The plane was broken into two parts. From this fall, no adult's survives. Two main characters, Ralph (an athletic boy) and Piggy (asthmatic boy and with glasses that represents the intelligence and he will be the security for Ralph) founded each other.Suddenly they found a stone in a lagoon, but then they realized that was a shell (or conch), so they used it to call the rest of the boys and to call an assembly. At that instant, children started to came from all the tropical island, and when they were all together they started to make rules with the purpose of obeying them. First, they voted to decide who would be the chief, Ralph or Jack, and theydecided that the chief had to be Ralph because he was the person who had the conch so he represented power and the choir was the only group who voted for Jack (he's a egocentric boy). Then, another rule that they voted was, the hunters who would be, and Ralph decides that Jack and the choir, would be the hunters. Another rule was that the person who wanted to speak, they should have the conch. Theone who doesn't have the conch, he couldn't speak because, if not, it would be a 'chaos' and nobody would understand anything. Another important rule, was to make a fire on top of the mountain to be rescued and all the boys were happy and excited because they were never allowed to play with fire. But, a boy with the birthmark said that he saw a snake, a beast in the woods, and he asked through Piggyif it would come back again that night.

Part 2.
At the beginning, the children obeyed the rules. Jack and the choir went to explore if they were on a desert island, the young ones stayed with Piggy and they play without worries. The birthmark boy disappeared in the jungle and Jack was obsessed with hunting because he thought that meat was power. But, Ralph, the chief, was worried about havinga fire and having a refuge, so when he saw a ship in the sea and then he discovered that the fire was out because Jack didn't was control it, he became angry but Jack was the opposite, because that day he killed a pig and all the boys were screaming “Kill the beast! Cut his throat! Spill his Blood!” . They turned to make a fire with Piggy's glasses and they were evil with him.
The days passedand the group of children started to change their minds because Jack started to disobey the rule of speaking when you had the conch. When Piggy talked with the conch in his hands, Jack interrupted him, and also because they thought that there was a beast from water, and in the group, the beast represented fear. Ralph called the group with the conch to make an assembly and in it, he started to saythat there was no beast on the island and Jack took the conch and he said to them that there was a monster. Then Piggy, said that the only thing they can be scared of were themselves because the beast didn't exist and Simon said that there was a ghost in the sea. But both of them were ignored.
Sam and Eric, twin brothers, went on top of the mountain and they saw the beast. When they came...
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