The television influence on children

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Now days, the television is a technology instrument that helps human development, it can be use as an educational and informative implement; Been honest, thetelevision has became an important part of our lives, besides it informative function also it’s a way of recreation and fun. Nevertheless, the childhood seem directly influence by television. Actually,parents and teachers are worry about the T.V’s effect on the kids; the problem is that some kids have adopted wrong attitudes, and the adults don’t know where this behavior comes. As teacher we oftensay that kids our time weren’t like this, and we see conducts that are not teach in home or school neither are teach by friends or classmates. So the questions start to spout, the T.V can affect thechildren behavior? Can we control the influence of T.V on children?
Some studies show that a normal child spends almost eight hours at day in front of T.V; and it is only necessary an hour of TV todestroy four hours of values education. It is not possible try to remove the television on home and it will not be the answer. If kids do not watch TV on home they will do it on other places, andobviously not all T.V programs are a bad influence. In full 21st century the TV is necessary; how could we reduce the TV’s effect?
Children are the best imitators, they do what they see. They learn toeat, dress, and interact with other people, seeing their parents and people around them. It is also expected that kids imitate what they see on television. The solution is starting to monitor the T.Vprogram that we allow to watch, if we know what they see on TV, we can select the programs that are helpful to their development as good people. We also teach them to decide and choose what it isgood to watch on TV. As teachers, talk about good T.V programs can help a lot.
In brief, the influence of T.V can be control by parents and with teachers’ help on the classroom. It just takes time of...
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