The performer

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When a composer writes a piece of music, there is a limit to the instructions that he or she can put down on paper. It is up to the performer to interpret the music and bring it tolife. This is why the same piece can sound very different, depending on who is playing. The better the performer, the better the music will sound. In traditional music an jazz, the performers oftenplay a part in composing as well, improvising as they play.

Playing to an audience

Playing in public can be nerve-wracking. Once the performer has started playing though, concentrating on themusic usually replaces the fear. Read

o Appear confident on the stage. Don´t shuffle on.
o Play with conviction: The audience is more likely torelax and enjoy themselves.
o Know the piece well: The better you know it, the more confident you are likely to be.
o If you make a mistake, don´t go back and correct it. Just keep going andforget all about .Chances are, no one will have noticed anyway.
o If there is a conductor, try to keep him or her in view as much as possible. Try not to bury your head in the music.
o Ifyou are part of a group, listen to the other musicians so that you can adjust your playing to fit in with them.

Interpreting music

When a composer writes a piece of music, the written musicprovides the performer with a guide as to how the music should be played: which notes to play, whether they should be loud or soft, and roughly what speed the piece should be played. Part of the skill ofbeing a good performer, though, is in making decisions about all these things. This is called interpretation.

Because no two performers make exactly the same decisions, no two performances for thesame piece ever sound exactly the same. For example, there might be slight differences in speed, or some parts might sound louder or softer. The person in charge of interpreting music for a large...
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