The right attitude to survive

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The right attitude to survive
It is usual to think about our future, what will we be doing in ten or twenty years? We can guess because, probably, our life is based in our own decisions. What isvery uncommon to think about is how our decisions affect other’s lives, other societies and the next generations in the coming decades. We are not aware of it.
Individual attitudes and decisions notonly affect our lives, but also present and future societies ‘more than we can possibly think of’.
Throughout history (or evolution perhaps), we have lived in societies, forming groups, sharinginformation, ideas and influencing each other. Every human leads a cause, small or large, at some point of his/her life. At that moment, we might be influencing an individual or our families, but thoughalmost imperceptibly we also influence large societies and consequently affecting the whole world.
Let me take the example of humans working in industry. They have a huge responsibility. They arecreating and launching products for the society, every minute. Designers, innovators, marketers, accountants, people in the government and the complete network of stockholders are participating in thecourse the society will take because of those products; because of how they will used, how much they will be wanted or even how will they be disposed of.
Another example, when Apple, launch the ‘ThinkDifferent’ spots, there were real people behind the marketing plan, and these human beings knew that they could influence others. Using this idea they thought they could change the way their customersand even their peers saw life, thinking different. The response was incredibly positive.
On the other hand, people in some other business, like those in the example of the pharmaceutical and healthmarket, are taking decisions that affect negatively millions of people, their health, life and self-confidence. Most of the people -excluding decision makers- behind these scenes can’t imagine the...
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