The widow and the parrot

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The window and the parrot
Fifty years ago an old and pour woman, named Mrs. Gage, received a letter telling her that her brother died and he left her all his properties and £3000.
She felt sohappy about it, because, she thought that her family wouldn’t need to work ever again.
She decided to visit her brother´s town. Two pounds were lent to her so she can visit Rodmell, her brother´stown.
Mrs. Gage had a dog, and she was very devoted to animals despite her poverty.
While was on her way to Rodmell, she was founded by Mr. Stacey, who was a neighbor of hers, who was alsogoing to Rodmell in his cart and he would give Mrs. Gage a ride. They got there a few days later.
When Mrs. Gage arrived to Rodmell, a man from there pointed her brother’s house. She found out thatthe house was disrepair there also wasn’t any money and the only thing that was left was a parrot.
She was so disappointed that she wanted to go back home that same day because she was to go backjust as she left.
The woman took her way back home, but it was late, dark and raining, so she had a decision to make to cross the river and die drowned or stay in the grass and get freeze. Atthat moment a wonderful thing happened. An enormous light shot up in Rodmell, so she could find her way back, when she arrived there she noticed that her brother’s house was on fire and the parrotwasn’t any more in there.
When she finally returned home she heard something in the window, and it was the parrot. She let him in and it started attacking the kitchen’s bricks. Whrn the woman movethem she found a clue that took her to the back yard where the £3000 were.
From that point she lived happy with her pets.

1.grave, sober, or mirthless, as a person, the face, speech,tone, or mood: solemn remarks.
1. to utter the deep, guttural sound characteristic of a hog.
2. to grumble, as in discontent.
1. of little importance, influence
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