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Leadership Cases
Case: 3A LEADERSHIP: Manny Flavors Cookie Company (MFCC)
Manny Flavors CC, Inc. is a family owned company now in its fourth generation. The company began in 1889 making only one
standard sugar cookie. Over the years it has prospered, and now it produces over 50 flavors of cookies. The company's motto
is "cookies for any occasion." Rising sales revenues have brought in alot of dough, so now money can be allocated to
increasing line personnel and managerial staff. Manny, who is addressed as "Mr. Flavors" by employees, has finally added an
HR specialist (you) to help with personnel and organizational behavior problems.
He has asked you to help with what he feels is a problem of worker morale in the operations division. Willie Keepum, VP of
operations, hascomplained to Manny that most of his workers have bad attitudes and don't seem to want to work. He says
he's prepared to fire them all if they don't shape up. Willie has informed Manny of his intentions, and believes he (Willie) needs
to "clean house" to show them who's boss. Besides, he thinks a lot of them have become complacent and don't care about
quality. Willie also pays little attention to themid-level managers' opinions stating that, "I'm ultimately responsible, so I'll make
the decisions."
Manny knows that Willie can be heavy-handed in his management style and that he believes workers come to work either
motivated or not. Willie has told him "there's nothing you can do to make them work if they don't want to." Knowing everything
about cookies, but nothing about people, Mannyisn't sure whether it's the workers or Willie that's creating the problem. He
wants to know that if it is Willie, can he be changed? Or is it hopeless? He wants you to tell him if you think Willie or the
workers should go. If you think neither should, then what are the ingredients needed to cook up a solution? This thing's getting
on his nerves. He wants to get it behind him and get back to hiscookies. Therefore, Manny asks you to analyze the situation
using your knowledge of leadership theories, and recommend at least two possible solutions so he can decide what to do.
Your assignment:
1. Decide if either the workers or Willie should go
2. Analyze Willie's management style and compare it to
others that might be better
3. Consider whether the workers or Willie can be changed and ifso, how to do it
4. Back up your analysis and recommendations for two solutions with sound theory
5. Provide evidence to support why your proposal will

Case: 3B LEADERSHIP   Scenario: Klipper Kuik, Inc.
Klipper Kuik, Inc. sells sail boats to upper crust clients who live in the Chesapeake Bay area, particularly, Annapolis,
Maryland. The company has been in existence only a shorttime, but sales are up and business is booming. Sara Tonin, the
CEO, got the company off to a good start with her patented sail design. She discovered a way to make smaller sails which
could catch more wind, even when there is no wind. She guarantees smooth sailing in any weather condition. This has made the
boats very attractive to weekend sailors. Sara says, "let's capitalize on this whilethe gettin's good." As she puts it, "get'em in,
sell'em, and clip'em quick before they get away."
However, her husband Jibb, who she assigned to supervise the sales staff, has had problems getting his salespersons motivated
to do their job. Some seem to want no supervision while others want to know exactly what it is they are supposed to do. A
couple of them insist on being managers themselves.Jibb is confused about how to organize and lead the staff. Should he develop teams, supervise them individually, or just leave
them alone? Since Jibb's only work experience was as a weekend life-guard before he met Sara, he is floundering, as he puts it,
"rudderless in a turbulent sea." He wants you, an expert HR specialist consultant, to help steer him back on course. Therefore,
he has...
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