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1.- am/is/are.
She’s a doctor. It’s hot. They’re rich.
She ist’t a nurse. It isn’t cold They aren’tpoor.

Positive Negative
I am (I’m) I am not (I’m not)
he (he’s)he (he’ not or he isn’t)
she } is (she’s) she } is not (she’s not or sheisn’t)
it (it’s) it (it’s not or it isn´t)

. Can you close the window, please?I’m cold.
. I’m 32 year old. My sister is 29.
. My brother is a police officer. He’s very tall.
. John is afraid of dogs
. It´s 10o’clock. You’re late again.
. Ann and I are very good friends.
. My shoes are dir’re ty.

. I’m tired but I’m not hungry.
. Tom isn’tinterested in politics.
. Jane isn’t home right now. She’s at work.
. Those people aren’t Canadian. They’re Australian.
You can say:
. It isn’t cold. OrIt’s not cold.
. They aren’t home. Or They’re not home.
That’s = that is there’s = there is here’s = here is
. Thank you. That’s very kind of you.. Look! There’s Bod.
For am/is/are (questions), see Unit 2.

1.1 Write the contraction (she’s/ we aren’t, etc.).
1. He is he’s 3. She isnot she is not 5. I am not I’m not
2. They are they’re 4. It is it is 6. You are not you’re
Write the full form (she is / we...
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