Tom Sawyer

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Narrator: Once upon a time, in London, there was a little girl, Wendy. She loved reading stories to her brothers, John and Michael. Their favourite stories were aboutPeter Pan.
Peter Pan lived in Neverland with his friends Tinkerbell and the Lost Boys.
John: Let’s go to Neverland.
Michael: Yes, let’s go.
Wendy: We can’t go to Neverland because we can’t fly.Narrator: But Peter could fly. One night he flew to London with his friend Tinkerbell. When they flew past an open window, they heard Wendy telling the story about Neverland. They flew inside.
PeterPan: Do you want to come to Neverland?
Wendy: Yes! (mig plorant) But we can’t fly!
Peter: It’s easy. Just think about lovely things.
Michael: Umm! Chocolate!
John: Holidays!
Wendy: My mum!Narrator: It was easy! They began to fly.
Michael, John and Wendy: Whee!
Peter Pan: Let’s go!
Narrator: soon they were flying over Neverland. It was beautiful.
Peter Pan: We’re going to have a brillianttime!
Narrator: But as soon as he spoke, Wendy began to fall. The Lost Boys were throwing stones at her.
Lost Boys: Be careful, Peter Pan, it’s a dangerous bird!
Narrator: Peter Pan laughed at themand then caught Wendy in his arms.
Peter Pan: You are silly! These are our new friends, Wendy, John and Michael.
Narrator: The Lost Boys were silly, but very friendly.
Lost Boys: Let’s take themhome.
Narrator: The Lost Boy’s home was under a tree. There, Peter described his fights with Hook.
Peter Pan: Hook is a mean pirate.
The Lost Boys: And he hates Peter Pan.
Peter Pan: Years ago, Icut off Hook’s hand when we were fighting.
Lost Boys: Yes, and now Hook has one hand and one hook!
Peter Pan: I threw the hand to a hungry crocodile! And it liked the taste. Now it follows Hookeverywhere because He wants to eat more of him.
Narrator: When Wendy went to sleep that night she was afraid. But the next day there were rainbows in the sky.
Peter: Let’s go and play with the mermaids...
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