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NAME:_________________________________ skill: reading comprehension
Read the story and answer the questions_____________________________________________________
tornadoes, sometimes called twisters, occur, or happen, all over the world. most of them occur in the united states. usually 700 or more tornadoes fromeach yera in the united states. a tornado is a funnel the northern hemisphere, tornadoes rotate counter- cockwise. in the southern hemisphere, they rotate clocwise.atornado form when a warm air mass is pushed upward very quick by a colder mass. then, more warm air rushes in and start to twist.the twisting grows stronger until a tunnels ormed. notall tunnels touch the earth. when tornadoes do touch the earth´s surface. the violent rotating wind can demolish almost everything in the paths. a spinning wind can reach speed ofmore than 200 miles per hour. the best protection against a tornado is a take cover in a basement, if a basement is not avaliable, you should crouch down in a buthtub or under asturdy piece of furniture and you shouldstay away from Windows.

1. A good title for the story would be?
A. the development of tornadoes
B. big wind are coming through
C. getout of the way

2. Another word for occur is?
A. spin
B. destroy
C. happend

3. In which direction do tornadoes rotate in the southern hemisphere?____________________________________________________________

4. How does a tornado form?

5. How fast can spinning wind go?____________________________________________________________

6. Name three places you could hide if a tornado is coming?
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