Tourism as a development strategy

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Tourism is understood as spending a night away fron home, usually in paid accomodation.

Interesting facts:
•In the 1990´s tourism grew by 15%.
• MEDCs are the largest consumers of tourism.
• Tourism in the largest industry in the world, 1 in 15 people work in tourism.
• All, but 1 country(China), of the top 10 destinations are MEDCs.
• LEDCs see tourism as a way to develop
• It is seen as a “cleaner” industry than manufacturing
• It is seen as an opportunity to raise fundsto preserve national culture, wildlife and national features.
• Tourism is a faster way to raise national income than exporting primary goods

• Some LEDCs are reliant on tourismfor foreign currency earnings as they don’t have significant other resources.
• The World Bank estimated that about 55% of gross revenue from tourism in LEDCs goes back to MEDCs.
• Manyoperatorsw feel ecotourism reduces profits, so most LEDCs still suffer from mass tourism.

Tourism in Nepal
Tourism is the world’s biggest industry. In 1999, over 500 million tourists created 11.7% ofglobal Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and employed 200 million workers which is equivalent to 8% of all employment. One quarter of all this tourist trade goes into ELDCs such as Jamaica, Egypt, Kenya,Costa Rica, Thailand and Nepal. Tourism offers rapid foreign exchange earnings compared to their income from exporting goods. Nepal is classified by the United Nations as one of the five mostunderdeveloped nations in the world, and has a GNP
per capita of US $220 (1999), compared to the UK level of US $20,870. As Nepal is without significant quantities of natural resources, tourism is needed toprovide for its population of 24.3 million which is increasing by 2.5% a year.

Nepal has a main attraction, which makes tourist visit quite a lot, the Himalayas include 8 of the 10 world’s...
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