Sustainable tourism: a contradiction in term for sustainable development “sustainable development, a new way of making tourism….”

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Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality Gestion




Paradigms in Sustainable Development


Thomas Esakin


Sustainable Tourism: A contradiction in term for sustainable development

“Sustainable Development, a new way of making tourism….”


Gabriela Vázquez Barrios

Student Account:


Date and Place:Cancun Q. Roo, March 07, 2008


Sustainable tourism take place many years ago; how the way to looking forward to the future. First at all we need to explain what sustainable. The concept of Sustainability took place in 1980, in the World Conservation Strategy, and was defined as characteristic of process that can be sustained indefinitely. We also have the definition that appearsnormally in text, also is known as the official definition: development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs ".

It was from that report that proclaimed sustainable development as the central purpose of environmental policy, which has so far prevailed.

Is the sustainable development a real choice for tourism?

Thesustainable development could be a real choice for tourism only if it handle like it should be. Respecting the environment and the needs of tourist without falling into fanaticism

The concept of sustainable development known - according Van Hauwereimer connections between economic strategy and environmental strategy and insists on integrate the two into a full environmental and socio-economiccontext.

He noted that sustainable development points to a new understanding of economic policy, not simply refer to "growth" as it also involves incorporating equity, both intra-and intergenerational, as well as the components of non-cash welfare in economic strategy .

Above some wise words at least in our opinion by Van Hauwereimer:

“When we talk about growth, we are talking about aquantitative increase. Growth means making further additions to the size of the economy through increases in economic activity. "

"When we talk about development, we are talking about a qualitative improvement. In this sense, means the development or execution of the expansion potential and involves improving the quality of life”.

With this vision, it can be said that this new way of development,is meant at three points:

• Economic growth
• Equity
• Sustainability

It would be worthless to put to the side the realities and could obstruct the achievement of those goals.

Now talking about sustainable development we have noticed that it was development during the 80s, it became obvious that major global environmental changes were occurring suddenly and silently and thatthese changes had not been predicted by scientists.

The world also became more aware that there was an element of uncertainty and risk in relation to the effect of a range of human activities on global environments. To repair these problems, fundamental changes were required in our style of life. The concept of sustainable development came from this realization. It was first mentioned in 1987in a report published by the World Commission on Environment and Development. It defined sustainable development as "development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

Sustainable Tourism: A contradiction in term for sustainable development

The sustainable tourism is sold as such but in many cases do not alwaysknow that what we see is what it is. In order to make sustainable tourism requires standards that you indicate you are living like this definition but this is not always followed to the letter, since what interests them to employers is to sell more in a short time and even high price.

It is illogical to think about sustainable tourism with sustainable development go hand in hand as it is not...
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