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Part: I Read the following text.
Catherine Wells was at home on Monday night, and she watched an interesting television program. The program was about California history. Itwas a long program. It started at nine o´clock and ended at ten thirty. Her father loves California, so Catherine called her father and explained the program to him. Mr. Wells was very interested init. The Television station repeated the program on Sunday afternoon. Catherine visited her father on Sunday, and they watched the program together. Mr. Wells liked it very much.
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Parte: I Lea el siguiente texto.

Catalina Wells estaba en su casa la noche del lunes, y ella vio un programa de televisión interesante. El programa estabaa punto de la historia de California. Fue un programa largo. Todo comenzó a las nueve y terminó a las diez y media. Su padre le encanta California, así que Catalina llamó a su padre y explicó elprograma con él. Sr. Wells estaba muy interesado en ella. La estación de televisión repitieron el programa de la tarde del domingo. Catalina visitó a su padre el domingo, y que vio el programa juntos. Sr.Wells ha gustado mucho.
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PART II: Read the following text:
New Orleans, one of the oldest and most exciting cities in the U.S.A, issituated on the Mississippi River, near the Gulf of Mexico. It is the largest city in Louisiana and one of the most significant in the south. It is an important port, industrial area and conventioncenter, but perhaps it is most famous as the home of jazz music. It has a lot of attractions for tourists. There are for example, the elegant old buildings of the French Quarter. But the city also hasvery modern parts, with buildings like the Superdome, the gigantic indoor sports stadium. The biggest attraction, however, is the colorful festival of Mardi Gras, Which takes place over two weeks every...
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