Tragicomedia Mexicana 2

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What do Greenpeace accuses Nestle for? of buying palm oil and with that they support deforestation an orangutan extinction

What is the videoof Greenpeace about? is about a man that is at job and he gets bored and decided to have a break, and while he is eating a chocolate, it seems asif he were eating a monkey,

What product are they accusing in the video? kit-kat of Nestle

Mention the mistakes of Nestlé remove thevideo, removing critical comments from their facebook page, announced their intention to use only sustainable Palm Oil for 5 more years, This lack oftransparency and apparent unconcern

What is the word they put to the altered logo? killer

On what year do they said they were going tostart using the sustainable palm oil?

I think that in 2010

What was the consequence of remaining in silence? everybody is talking about itand they want to hear a good answer
What were the damages that Nestle caused? that using palm oil, they had to cut a lot of palms and that maycause extinction of

Did they use the Public Relations tools correctly? (Yes/No) Why? no because they should have respond about what they didand why did they do it

Write your opinion of the case. I think that what Greenpeace did was great because those big companies use to dowhatever they want to do and they don´t care about the damage they cause so its great that green peace has shown that someone is interested on nature
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