Tratado 2 De Lazarillo De Tormes

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The tratado that I feel has the most to examine in relation to the rest of the book is tratado 2. From this section I will briefly summarise the content and discuss its relevance to the rest of thebook. I will discuss how this tratado aids the portrayal of Lazaro. I will then examine how this tratado contributes to the development of the themes in this book, and briefly discuss each theme.Finally I will identify the representative aspects of style in this tratado.
In this tratado, we see Lazarillo meeting a covetous priest. Lazarillo’s main concern has been his search for food, however nowhe faces a man whose greed and malice is a threat to Lazarillos life. He contemplates fleeing as he can no longer stand this great hunger whilst watching his master eat luxuriously. However hedecides not to as he feels that leaving would lead him to a worse fate. Using the knowledge he has previously gained from his first master, he uses his wit to attempt to steal some Eucharistic bread from achest that the priest keeps locked. Lazarillo manages to persuade a passer-by to make him a key for the chest, his reward being one of the loaves. He also helps himself to one. However when the priestnext opens the chest, he notices that the bread is missing. Lazarillo now must think of a way to eat the bread without the priest noticing that his supply is decreasing. Lazarillo then decides to eatonly small sections of the loaves at once, hoping that the priest would believe that mice had found their way into the chest. The priest falls for this and subsequently boards up the cracks in thechest. When he is sleeping, Lazarillo drills holes in the chest with a knife, and continues to eat the bread. The priest then borrows a mousetrap and begs for cheese from his neighbours. Lazarillo thenhelps himself to the cheese as well as the bread. The priest cannot find a solution and asks the neighbours for advice. He informs the priest that there used to be a snake in the house. The priest...
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