Tribus de peru

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It is a table that is in action this may be personal dards cases is that people ask for these toys to their own measure this table lands on 4 wheels correctly aligned these.
This began as asport in the U.S. but ah been spreading around the world so this is considered an extreme sport with the BMX tricks in is why are founded "Xtreme Games" that the present is called the "X Games"Appearance
His appearance is normal except that some tend to use custom images with your lifestyle but seem to almost everyone.
They wear equally to every one that customize your image.Pants: loose pants and also used frequently used short loose as this gives them more easily to the domain of your favorite sport and in this way that often gives them comfort and torn or worn thesefor their hard work on the skate
Polo: use poles stuck in such cases there are others who use it is loose as the comfort of each.
Shoes: the use of normal shoes can also special use for the bestperformance in your sport

Group of people who are guided by their emotions is the term derived here and the music they listen to the "emotional hardcore"
His image is halfdepressed and only shows sad and if you see them laugh is rare as these do not usually take as their ideals if they laugh will bring misfortune or sadness because happiness does not last long, as usually yousee them wandering around
Highlight the dark colors and stripes of the presence of colors to match the black
Pants: wear pants very close to his body they can be of size or shorterPolo are highlighted pasted images that can be emo or images to communicate messages that the world is bad, in some cases are the color scheme with the basic black with other like red, white, turquoiseand other such combinations are given checkered, stripes or repetitive images.
Shoes: the use of all types so that they tend to be black only with images like skulls or phrases in white or pink....
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