Tutorial archicad

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Tutorial Artlantis

Artlantis 2.0 for ArchiCAD Users

Artlantis product-line Visit the Artlantis website at http://www.artlantis.com for product information and availability. TrademarksArtlantis® is a trademark of Abvent. All other trademarks are the property of their respective holders.

Artlantis 2.0 for ArchiCAD Users

Tutorial Artlantis

Modelize a project into ArchiCADexport it and edit it with Artlantis. Return to ArchiCAD modify the geometry of the project, export a new Artlantis file and recover automatically the previous work done into Artlantis.

Step 1 :Modeling into ArchiCAD

Create the 3D data base

Step 2 : Export the model to Artlantis
NB: The export can only be done in 3D View with the activcation of the Perspective option. The camera andheliodon settings will be retrieved into Artlantis.
Display the 3D View Menu View > 3D View Mode > Perspective Then File menu > Save as… Format: Choose Artlantis Render Studio 2.0 Name the file (e.g. A.atl)then Save it.

The saving is done in Artlantis file format, if they were dependent textures they will be saved into a folder created beside the .atl file.

Artlantis 2.0 for ArchiCAD Users Tutorial Artlantis

The following Export dialog box get displayed:

Check the needed export options you would like to retrieve into Artlantis. Perspective Cameras, Lights, Sun and the texturesassociated to Wall, Roof, Slab and Others.

Others: Can be columns, beams, objects… NB: When in the dialog box of the export the Lamps or Sun are still grey, this is means you will have to activate theminto the Photorenderings Settings dialog box of ArchiCAD. Menu Document > Creative Imaging > Photorendrings Settings in the popup list choose Internal Rendering Engine. Open the the Effects thumbnailin the Light sources check Sun and/or Lamps

Artlantis 2.0 for ArchiCAD Users

Tutorial Artlantis

Step 3 : Open the file into Artlantis and dress the model.
Once opened the ArchiCAD geometry...
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