Un informe sobre la pelicula: "six degrees could change the world"

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First degree:

• Less meet and crop

• Most of the World’s coral reefs will be extinguished

• Disappearance of polar ice so land will be exposed at the North Pole for the firsttime in 3 million years

• Powerful hurricanes will hit the coasts of the South Atlantic

Second degree:

• Greeland will begin to disappear

• Polar bears will be in danger ofextinction and other animals also

• Flooding in coastal cities all around the world

• Heat waves will be normal in every summer (like those in 2003 that killed 30 000 people in europe)• Deserts will be growing.

Third degree:

• Scientifics ensure that if we reach this point, we will not have the opportunity of returning, the heating process will go away.

• The Amazonwill be razed by fire and it will become a bare desert, becoming a savanna from a tropical rainforest, destroying one of the most important ecosystems in the world. So, it will release billions oftonnes of carbon in the atmosphere and in order to this, glbal warming will increase.
• Disappearance of most of the glaciers in the world and it will produce flooding and also less drinking waterby which million of people depends from it.(Himalaya,greeland,Alpes and the Artic included)
• Glaciers of the Andes will be extinguished and will affect water resources in Ecuador, Chile, Peru andBolivia.
• Hurricanes of 6 grades, with a new generation of super storms.
• Argentina and southern Europe will become dry and desert areas. The Patagonia ice melt.
• extreme weatherpatterns would become the norm.

Fourth degree:
• The permafrost will be melt.
• Methane and carbon dioxide will be realesed from the soil and in orther to this temperature will increase• Collapses the eastern coast of Antarctica, raising sea level up to a meter.
• Countries such as Egypt and Bangladesh are devastated.
• The city of Venice is completely submerged...
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