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I don´t dream very often, but when I do, I always have unusual dreams. As a matter of fact, I had an extraordinarydream last week.
It was a very beautiful day and I was on a big ship. The sea was calm and quiet, the sky blue and clear, and the sun warmand bright. Suddenly, heavy clouds covered the sky. The sun disappeared; the win began to blow; and the sea turned to gray.
There wassuch a fierce storm that the ship almost sank. At that moment another ship appeared from out of the dense fog. It was a pirate ship with ablack flag and a crew of armed pirates. The pirates jumped onto our ship and the battle began.
I was assailed by three pirates at once.One pirate had a long beard; the second had a big black moustache; and the third one had a wooden leg. I had a sword in my hand and Ifought bravely. All around me was a violent battle raged.
The, a very beautiful girl appeared on the other. She gave some commands and all thepirates disappeared. Their ship vanished too. It seemed to have been gulped down.
Comprehension questions*
* How often do you dream?* What kind of dreams do you usually have?
* What kind of dream did you have last week?
* Where were you in this dream?
*What happened to the sky?
* What appeared out of the fog?
* How many pirates attacked you?
* Who appeared on the other ship?
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