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Solid Door Freezer - Super Deluxe Series

Exceptional Quality 2 Years Parts and Labor Warranty
* Digitally Controlled Temperature System Provides precise and constant temperature. This level of precision allows food products to remain fresh over an extended period of time.
* High-Tech Monitor The unit will beep if the door has been has been opened for more than 30 seconds. The monitordigitally displays the present temperatures. You can easily change the temperature by adjusting the thermostat.
* Bottom Mount Compressor All units feature a bottom-mount compressor for energy savings, high efficiency and easy service. The bottom-mount compressor also allows food to be placed in an ergonomically correction location.
* Self-diagnosticSystem                                                                                                                                                                  Displays current status of the freezer.
* Self-contained System No Plumbing required, Simple Installation.
* Freezer holds -10°F for the best in food preservation-holds frozen food and ice cream           
* Self-closing and Stay Open Door  Doors are equipped with self-closing and stay open feature
* Tray RackAvailable All Models are available for full door tray racks but lamp shield will have to be removed prior to being installed and re-assemble lamp and lamp-shield after installing racks.
* Other Features                                                                                                                                                                                        Solid andsturdy grille design.                                                                                                                         Minimum wattage heater in the cabinet frame to conserve energy and keep your cabinet water free         - Incandescent interior lighting                                                                                                                        Foamedwith polyurethane, high-density cell insulation. (CFC free)                                                              Positive seal with self closing doors.                                                                                                             Automatic evaporator fan motor delay when the door is opened.                                                               Doorlocks 4" swivel casters. (Standard)
Model | Swing Doors | CU./FT. | # of Shelves | HP | AMPS | WT. | LDH |
TSF-23SD | 1 | 23 | 3 | 1/2 | 7.8 | 289 | 27.0 X 30.7 X 78.1 |
* Height does not include 5" for caster height.  |

Undercounter Refrigerator Super Deluxe Series

*Unique Energy Design High Quality Stainless Steel Interior and Exterior
* New NSF Standard 7     
   Complies withand listed under ANSI/NSF-7
* Excellent Cooling System   The Powerful forced-air refrigeration system holds the pan and storage cabinet in a constant temperature. Evaporator fans and a newly designed louver allows uniform distribution of cold air over the food pan to keep the food  temperature within the New Standard 7.
* Clean & Interior  No joint-gap, NSF approved ABS sheet and highly densepolyurethane forming perfectly keep the cool air inside and makes it easy to clean up.
* Stainless Steel Louver Stainless Steel Louver allows distribution of cold air to reach all corners of the units. It is also built to withstand against food acids and stains, which makes for easy clean up.
* Adjustable Stainless Steel Wire Shelves  Durable and easy to adjust
* 5" Casters Standard
*Self-closing Door and Recessed Handles  Self-closing door. Standard recessed handles.
* Self-closing No Plumbing required, Simple installation with 7 feet power cord.
* Foamed With Polyurethane, High-Density Cell Insulation (CFC free)
* Hold 33°F ~41°F
* 18 Month Labor and Parts Warranty for Super Deluxe Series
* CEC. California Energy Commission...
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