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Dear people that I thank for what I am today,

We all are born like some rough little stones that should be polished through life. In our process of becoming nearer to perfection, we metpeople that change us and make us the ones we are today, bright diamonds, sapphires or rubies.
For what I am today I am thankful to a lot of people, people who are part of my family or friends,people that belong to the past and people that don’t even know me.
First of all, I want to thank to my parents. I wouldn’t be writing right now, if they wouldn’t have loved each other 20 years ago,or would have decided to have just a child. My father had the most influence that ever could have in my life. Due to him, I have fallen in love with reading. Due to him, I have known what are morality,ethics, principles of life, I’ve learned Russian, I’ve studied geography and I will always know what is Gulf Stream and where is Sri Lanka, history, physics… He made me an intelligent person, andthank you so much, Dad, for your genes, I love being a funny person!
Dear Mom, I know we have been arguing most of the time, because we are so different, we have such distinct ways of seeing life,but in spite of this, we gave me some useful genes too. You gave me your nose and breasts, your hysteria and gift of cooking, you made me a good housewife, teaching me to keep my room clean and to notleave dirty dishes in the sink.
Dear Sister, thank you for helping me so many times when I need it. Even though, we are not that type of sisters that confide all their secrets, you influencedme a lot. Because of you, I started to learn English, and learned how to fight with a girl.Thank you for giving me your cool clothes and make up products. Thank you for yelling at me every time I dosomething stupid.
Dear Grandpa, thank you for representing a model of how a man should be, I am proud to have you as a family, and Grannie – sorry for that that I don’t like to sew anymore, but I...
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