Valores civico en el vicentenario

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The importance of civic values
Call to reassess the tribute to the flag "patriotic feeling is lost because it is confused with politicalhomeland," said a priest .- The example
There are national civic calendar dates on which, by tradition, the patriotic spirit of the people should emerge with more intensity andreaffirmed the pride for the country that gave us birth and in which we live.
One of those dates is Flag Day, instituted February 24, 1940 by then-President Lazaro Cardenas del Rio, which iscelebrated with ceremonies in which the tricolor labarum must be the focus of our attention and respect, it symbolizes the motherland, ie the country, our culture, freedoms and ideals, evenreminiscent of the heroes who gave their lives to defend it.
However, in recent years, warns a certain apathy, indifference or lack of seriousness of children and youth when they arepresent before the national flag at civic events.
In several schools and civic events which honors the flag is common to see children or young people talking, without greeting the tricolorflag or sing the national anthem or save a standing position while paying allegiance to their native labarum.
Another example is what happens every evening at six in the main square,when agents of the Department of Protection and Transportation are after the launching ceremony of the flag.
Agents around gather many people, but most do not greet the flag when it isremoved from the site in the middle of the respective honors. Only a handful of adults, teenagers and children with the greeting. The reasons: lack of civic education, indifference,distraction, or perhaps silent protest against a political system that has appropriated the patriotic colors and against leaders who do not practice what they preach, according to analysts believe.
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