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VAMPIRES: Vampires are monsters in legends and stories, beings that subsist by feeding on the life essence(mainly sucking blood)of living creatures, those legend says that a vampire was once a normalhuman, but becomes a vampire after being bitten by another vampire. Garlic, blablabla…
The first vampire legends were told in Eastern Europe, then histories about vampires spread across Europe inthe 18th century, this lead to a vampire hysteria that resulted in corpses being staked and people accused of vampirism.
But definitely, what gave vampires the fame that they have today was Dracula,Dracula is the most famous vampire. The Dracula novel was written by Bram Stoker in 1897, is the story of a vampire, the Count Dracula who lives in a castle in Transylvania, Romania, and a britishlawyer Johnatan, who must travel to Transylvania to sell a house to count Dracula, after a days he discovers that the count is a vampire, Dracula traps johnatan in his castle, and travels to England. Hethen preys on the young woman Lucy Westenra, and turns her into a vampire. Then he bites Jonathan's wife Mina. Because of this, the other characters, led by Professor Abraham van Helsing, go on amission to find and kill Dracula.
Dracula also inspired another very famous vampire, Nosferatu, a mute movie from 1922 that tells the story count Orlok, that goes in the same way that dracula´s story.REAL LIFE ZOMBIES: In real life, the zombies come from the Caribbean island of Haiti. Haiti is well known for the black magic and voodoo traditions, today thousand of people in Haiti are considered tobe zombies, some of which lead normal everyday lives with families, jobs and are respected citizens. It¹s even considered to be a crime to make a zombie in Haiti.
The bokor is the voodoo sorcerer ofHaiti, and instils terror into the hearts of the living. He can create paralysis or death by spreading a powder on the ground where someone walks.
Zombies are made by the bokor; the bokor creates a...
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