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In Chile we do not have enough information about people who are living with Celiac Disease. However according to our National Health Survey in 2007 and 2009 statistics show that 1% of the Chilean population is living with Celiac Disease so our project will intend to offer a magazine with advices and tips on how to live with celiac disease.


Taking intoaccount all the previous facts and the poor information about Celiac disease not only for Celiac but also for their families is that the aim of this magazine is:
To provide all people professional information related to gluten-free products.
To publish interviews to physicians who will advise to people how to improve healthy habits.
To publish a monthly issue.
To have a website wherepeople can give us suggestions as well as they can complain, in order to improve our magazine.


Make an extensive review of the information related to gluten-free products in the various web sites and others magazines.
Contact professionals associated with the diagnosis and treatment of celiac disease for an interview on various topics related to this disease.
Designmagazine and offer different publishers to publish monthly.
Contac a specialist web sites to create a public space where the magazine can put your suggestions, comments and information sharing.

According to statistics provided by COACEL (Corporación de ayuda al celíaco) and FISPGHAN, Federation of International Societies of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology andNutrition (Geneva, Switzerland) it is more fact that 1 out of 250 Chilean are affected by Celiac Disease.
In spite of this, in Chile there aren’t enough Public Policies to give access to all people to get antibodies EMA and +TG important to get a good diagnosis of this disease. Besides, our legislation doesn’t demand food manufactures to declare the content of gluten when they label their products.The disease is induced by gluten, a peptide contained in wheat, rye and barley that during small intestinal digestion generates smaller peptides. Some of these are resistant to hydrolysis and cross through the epithelium into the mucosa, inducing a cascade of immune reactions leading to the appearance of the disease in susceptible individuals. Gluten appeared as a consequence of agriculturalpractices initiated 10000 years ago in the Fertile Crescent of southwest Asia. Celiac disease epidemiology is complicated since consumption of gluten differs depending on the origin of populations. Treatment of celiac disease consists of withdrawing gluten from the diet, a task that becomes difficult in the long term. The concept of gluten-free food has changed along time.
The online magazine"Custom Choice Cereal" a study by a survey of a group of people with celiac disease. Each of the participants were asked the following question:
"How many doctors did it take until you were diagnosed with celiac disease?"- That results confirm celiac disease still ranks low on the radar screen of MOST doctors. These are:
• 30.3% (or 10 out of the total 33) said that road to diagnosis was long andtook between 5 and 10 doctors
• Not surprisingly, many of you (24.2%) choose a gluten-free diet, felt better, and consequently are self-diagnosed
• 18.2% were either diagnosed after 2-5 visits to different doctors or – and this is the big shocker – after having seen upward of 10 doctors!!
• Only a mere 9.1% said that their doctor is awesome and immediately diagnosed their conditionOnce again this confirms the importance of the work so many great organizations such as the CSA, the GIG, the NFCA, and all your devoted gluten-free bloggers and authors out there do on a daily basis.

The interview will take place at professionals involved in the diagnosis and treatment of disease celiac is:
1. Could you talk about your experience with celiac disease?
2. Why do...
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