Whai is a real father?

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Anasela Valladares Carapia
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Dear Sir,

I’m writing to respond to your article about the declining role in the family of fathers today and I would like togive my personal opinion about that because I think we need to reflect on the important role fathers play in our lives.

First I would like to describe what areal father is for me. He should be a leader for his children, someone who is capable to guide you through life, and someone who encourages you to do things well.You always need him to go further, everybody needs a father; somebody you are accountable to and responsible to. A father, who is a real one, is not threatened byyour success and achievements.
Being a father is also a big responsibility, that’s why I really admire my own .Unfortunately when we are young we don’trealize about his responsibility but when we grow up we understand that he has an important role, and that is not easy. He has to provide our needs, academic and moraleducation among other things.
In my family, my father played an important role; he provided financial, emotional, mental, physical, social, and spiritualsupport. I admit he committed some mistakes, but I think we can learn about our father’s mistakes and try not to make them.
I agree with you that today it isdifficult to find a real father because it implies a lot of responsibilities and challenges; however it is important to teach future generations the importance offatherhood in order to maintain family values.
Finally I would conclude by telling you that those who have a real father are very blessed,


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