What Do You Think?

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What do you think?
Nuclear energy is an important source of power. Many communities use nuclear energy to generate electricity for lighting homes and businesses. Nuclear power plantsdo not pollute the air as coal-burning power plants do. Use of nuclear energy, however, does present problems. There is no guaranteed safe way to dispose of used nuclear fuel. Also, manynuclear power plants are being shut down because they are not considered safe. Who is responsible for disposing of nuclear wastes safely? Should we continue to use and build nuclear powerplants?
Farmers use fertilizers crops. More crops mean a better living for the farmer, a better food supply, and lower prices at the grocery store. Without fertilizers, we might not beable to buy many kinds of fruits and vegetables. Fertilizers, however, can drain from farmland into lakes and streams. Fish can’t live in water with fertilizers in it. In some areas,people can’t drink the water because of the fertilizers in it. Should laws be passed on when and how much fertilizer can be used?
A person is rushed to the hospital after an automobileaccident. The doctors do not know if there is brain damage, or what the chances of survival are. A quick decision must be made about whether or not to use a life-support system called arespirator. Arespirator is a device that helps a person breathes when that person can’t breathe on his or her own. The respirator is use. Later, it is discovered that the person shows little brain activity.The person remains in a coma for months. There is little hope for recovery, and the family wants the respirator disconnected. Who should decide when life-support systems are needed?
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