Why learning english?

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Why learning English is so important?
English is the most useful language. It’s the second language most spoken all over the world. Also is known as the universal, business and technology language.We are in a century where books, television and everything is in English. A person who doesn’t know English is disadvantage compare to a person who domain the language.
We don’t learn Englishbecause we want to, we learn it because we need it for our lives and our future. We all know that English is the universal language, if you know English, you have more opportunities to achieve your dreamsfor the future and to be more successful in life. English is a great tool for our studies and daily life, that’s why English is obligated at schools.
We’ve been learning English since kindergarden ,how is it that most of the people don’t talk it, write it or read it? We’ve been learning English for 12 years, why we don’t know it? I think is because the method that the English curriculum hasit’s not appropriate. If we use other methods to learn English and we put effort we can learn it very easily, English is a lot less complicated than Spanish. Most of the English that I know I learnedwatching tv.
Let’s talk about statistics 70% of the tv programs are in English, 95% of the articles in the science citation index are in English. If you like science English is the key to the world ofscience. Books of any subject are in English, news reports, web pages are also in English. Most of the pages on the web are in English, can you believe that only one language can give you access to allthat information on the internet?
We are going to need this language for college, no matter what subject most of the books are in English, if you know English it’s better, because you can save thetime you waste traducing every word on the book and its more easy to understand.
If you speak and know different languages, especially English, you are going to be more successful when you’re...
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