Xix Century

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The XIX century is a small century, it is considered from 1814 that was the congress of Vienna to 1915 that started the World War one.
The XIX is a century of innovations because a lot of newthings are discovered and invented such as the telephone, etc. On the other hand, all the people moved from the countryside to towns because they needed to work in factories or other necessities. AlsoMarxism rise, this was an ideology created by Karl Marx which explained that everyone should have the same things. The socialism also formed part of this century. And Darwin with his theory ofDarwinism had a strong influence; the strongest person was the one that will survive.
On this century many monarchies changed to nation because people had a strong feeling of national identity. Here comesNationalism, each country felt that they would be benefited if they act independently. Because of some problems of whom was the best country and who was superior, Nationalism let the space toImperialism.
Imperialism is when a place governs in an extended way all the aspects of the place. There were many reasons to why imperialism happened. One of the reasons is because of the Industrialrevolution, people needed raw materials, and they obtain them from many places but especially from Africa because it was a place that wasn’t strong. By the way the colonies start growing in number of people,and they helped there colonizers in wars. People went to colonies if they wanted to stars new businesses or projects like that because it was a good place to do it.
Missionaries also were involvedin imperialism because people wanted to expand their religion, so missionaries were in charge of evangelizing. Other reason of Imperialism is that Social Darwinism was a supremacy idea so everynation wanted to be the strongest.
Imperialism had types; the colonies which were ruled directly by colonial officers. The protectorate which had an own government. And the sphere of influence that...
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