Yasunari kawabata

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Yasunari Kawabata

The Japanese writer Kawabata Yasunari, stood out in the literary panorama of century XX by the gentleness and the refinedlyricism of his works.
Kawabata was born in Osaka the 11 of June of 1899. The solitude in which it passed his childhood after the death of his wanted beings moremarked deeply its personality. Orphan to the 3 years, insomne perpetual, film director in his youth, voracious reader as much of the classic ones as of the Europeanvanguards, was a hardened solitaire
After finalizing its studies in 1924 it founded Bungei Jidai (the Artistic Age). It was indeed in that magazine where itappeared, in 1926, “Izu not odoriko” (“the dancer of Izu”), full story of líricas and suggestive images, in which echoes of the Buddhist writings were appraised and ofthe Japanese medieval poets, whom the author stops constituted “the highest Literature of the world ".
The solitude, the anguish before the death, the search ofthe beauty and the attraction by feminine psychology, expressed all it in a symbolic and lírico style, they were central subjects around which turned Yukiguni(1948; Snow country), Yama not oto (1949-1954; The outcry of the mountain) and Nemureru bijo (1961; Beautiful induced sleep), works of artistic fullness that madeit deserving, in 1968, of the Nobel prize of Literature.
Kawabata Yasunari committed suicide in Zushi the 16 of April of 1972. Its work, that same he defined asan attempt to find the harmony between the man, the nature and the emptiness, remains between highest of the narrative of century XX.

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