A clock work orange review

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A Clock Work Orange written by Anthony Burgess
I. Anthony Burgess wrote this novel in the 60’s, and it was acclaimed and criticized at the same time when published. The press catalogued it as adystopian fiction novel and as we know, dystopias try to make the audience to think about the world in which they live and to see how the idea of happiness can be perverted providing that society knowlittle else. This novel achieves moral and social issues, trough youth and violence combined and it thrilled us with all the psychological aspects contained.

II. A clock work orange, is written inthree parts each one of seven chapters. Though in the American editions the 21st chapter was omitted because the American publishers argued that it was lack of reality, and the American audience wouldrather prefer it that way.
The twenty-first chapter gives the novel the quality of genuine fiction, an art founded on the principle that human beings change . . . The American or Kubrickian Orange isa fable; the British or world one is a novel . . . My book was Kennedyan and accepted the notion of moral progress. What was really wanted was a Nixonian book with no shred of optimism in it (Burgess,1964).
In the first part, we meet the protagonist Alex a 15 year old British boy that leads a gang and the main characters, who are the members of it. It begins with the characters sitting in theirfavorite “milkbar” drinking drugged milk to commence the night, which is full with series of violent and immoral acts: assaults, fights, robs, even a rape occurred. In spite of all this events, thegive the novel a marvelous start, because it shock us and upset us, but make us want to know more about it, an explanation to all this non sense violence. It is violence with no moral significance,like the one presented in children when they kill or torture an animal. Its morbid beginning just caught the reader. This part ends with Alex taken as a prisoner, his friends had betrayed him, and the...
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