A day i will never forget-9/11

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A day in my life I will never forget

By Soraya Young

A day that has marked my life forever is September 11th 2001. I will never the fear of helplessness everyonefelt that day. It started like any other day. I woke up and got ready for work, my mother came to my bedroom to tell me my breakfast was on the table and while I was sittingto eat, the news were on the television.

A reporter started telling about a plane that had apparently crashed into one of the twin towers in New York City and whilethey were showing the damage, indicating that it had been an apparent accident, a second plane crashed into the twin tower and everything was quite for a second. Later welearnt it had been a terrorist attack.

It was an unbelievable moment, chaos in the streets of New York and a feeling of uncertainty in the whole world. Afterwards westarted getting information about a third plane that had crashed in the Pentagon and a fourth somewhere in Pennsylvania, the later was supposed to crash in the White House butthe passengers were able to divert the route of the plane although everyone in the plane was killed.

A couple of hours later, the twin towers collapsed, killing morepeople that were unable to evacuate the buildings as well as many firefighters and rescue personnel.

In all, over 3000 people lost their lives that day. Since then lifein the USA has never been the same. Not only do we face the constant threat of further terrorist attacks being committed against us, our everyday life has changed. Youcannot fly without being subjected to security screening checks and a feeling of intrusion, this is the price we need to pay for our freedom and the right to live peacefully.
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