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Catedral basilica menor
The basilica menor cathedral one of the greatest examples of new world architecture in northern Mexico, greets you with a warm welcome. Built during the 17th and 18thcenturies, it is a symbol of Durango’s cohesion, and houses invaluable pieces of sacred art.

Front and side facades boast baroque quarry stone ornaments. Inside are an image of our lady of theImmaculate Conception, patron saint of the cathedral, and a sculpted figure of the town’s patron saint, San Jorge Bendito. The chorus seating, two monumental organs, oil paintings from the 17th century,the invaluable pieces are more of the treasures housed in the cathedral.
Templo de San Juanita de los Lagos
A Sample of Durango’s
Jesuit legacy can be found
In the Temple de San JuanitaConstructed between1602
And 1616 it collapsed in 1646
And was rebuilt in the late 18th
Century. In the austere structure
The neoclassic-style capitals
With garlands stand out in the
Entrance, as well asun unusual
Slender circular tower. In the
Interior, you can appreciate
The altar, a pair of oil paintings
And and Antique organ.
Templo Expiatorio del sagrado corazon de Jesus.

In thebarrio of San Antonio, the
Templo expiatorio del Sagrado
Corazon de Jesus was built
Between 1891 and 1948 on the
Original site of the royal mint.

Victoria Theater.

Inaugurated in 1800 as theTeatro Coliseo, this theater formed part of the Zambrano Palace. With a capacity of 350 people, its Italian architectural design boasts symmetry, proportion and acoustic that make it a perfect stagefor plays, opera, music and dance.

Plaza de armas.

The plaza de armas is a immediate temptation for visitors as it is the pulse of the city. History,architecture, tradition and people converge ina great public space filled with vitality, Get a shoeshine, browse arts and crafts, take a family photo, or buy ice cream, a pinwheel or a colorful...
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