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The title of your project or NGO
The description of what your NGO does (150)
How can you or will you meassure the change you will achieve (1000)
How many people do you plan to impact? Who willdirectly benefit from your organisation? (500)
What makes your NGO unique and different from what other NGOs do about this topic. (1000)
First of all this organization is the pioneer on thedevelopment of this topic and that is mainly what make different this organization, this organization also have as an important detail that the advice each student will receive is given by students too,and this is a new and important thing because teenagers know how to communicate each other and in that way, the way to learn and improve the knowledge of difficult assignments like Math, Physic andChemistry make it easier and the relationship between the person that is given the advice and the one that is receiving it, becomes a better relation that can reach more than a student-teacherrelation, and can becomes into a great friendship that help each other in order to study, get better grades and complement the knowledge that each one have. We also know that teenager students probably donot have the same knowledge of an adult that has study during a great part of his life about a topic and that is why we have specialized advisors in the more difficult topics, but the help of thisadvisors is only required with very hard doubts or themes.
Describe the impact it will have. (150)
This organization has as objective the improvement of knowledge and help to students of public andprivate schools, that wants to complement their education.
How can you or will you meassure the change you will achieve (1000)
Tell me how is your team integrated? How many people work with youand how are you organised? (500)
What will be your main financial obstacles and how will you overcome them? (1000)
What motivated the development of your preference for this topic? (1500)
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