El principito




The departure of the prince is made possible by a migration of wild birds. After tidying everything on the planet (clean the soot of its three volcanoes, two active and one off, start the seeds and sprouts of baobabs), went to say goodbye to her flower, eager to mourn. The flower was proud at first but then with a calm that surprised the boy, told him what he wanted, he apologized and wished him to be happy. The prince wanted to place the flower inside the bell that served as protection at night, but this declined to be covered then, for butterflies must first endure two or three caterpillars. With nothing more to say, the flower encourages the prince to continue his decision: "You have chosen to leave. Go "he said, because first of all it was a flower proud and did not want to see her mourn.



The following seven chapters recount the visit of the Prince to the asteroids 325, 326, 327, 328, 329 and 330, in which known six different characters, all very strange. The first is a king, which immediately identifies the prince as his subject, as sure as he was that the kings all men were his servants. The prince seemed very strange that there is a king who had no one to whom rule, the king, convincing himself that had authority, is shielded in all his orders were reasonable which almost never disobeyed him, but in Actually his orders were not such, but overlapped the natural order of things. Simply order the king liked, Am I can sit down? asked the prince and the king...

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