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Símbolos dentro de la obra y temas

The philosophical and poetic tone of The Little Prince in the text to locate several symbolic elements related to topics such as love, friendship, loyalty and the true value of things. Here are some of the most prominent symbols.


The baobabs

Represent what may become destructive bad seeds, which can destroy a planet and thus, to an individual. The sense of bad seeds can be understood in two ways: on one hand in the individual sense in which the bad attitudes, vices, defects, resentment, hatred, can develop in humans to consume. On the other hand, in the collective sense, in which the enlargement of an individual affects the community, corrupt, criminal, greedy, and destructive of the environment can lead to the destruction of the sense of coercion. The baobabs also be understood as the provision of self only deal without seeing the harm caused to others and our environment.


The flower

Some details of Saint-Exupéry biography suggest that this archetypal character representing his wife Consuelo. However, if you do not want to fall into life data pilot staff writer, can understand the flower as representing loved ones with whom we establish channels of communication. Tied closely to the theme of...

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