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The Quality Toolbook: When to use the Control Chart

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Control Chart: When to use it
The Quality Toolbook > Control Chart > When to use it When to use it | How tounderstand it | Example | How to do it | Practical variations

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When to use it
Use wheninvestigating a process, to determine whether it is in a state of statistical control and thus whether actions are required to bring the process under control. Use it to differentiate between special and commoncauses of variation, identifying the special causes which need to be addressed first. Use it to detect statistically significant trends in measurements; for example, to identify when and by how mucha change to the process has improved it. Use it as an ongoing 'health' measure of a process, to help spot problems before they become significant. It is only practical to use it when regularmeasurements of a process can be made. Typically this is in processes that repeat within a reasonably short space of time.

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