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Intelligence and the nonverbal communication are very important factors in the movie "21". This film is about a brilliant student in mathematics, named Ben Campbell, who because of their economicresources, look for ways to cover the cost of the pension of her university. So he finds opportunity to form a group together with other outstanding students of the university. Under the command of avery bold math teacher, decided to go to Las Vegas to play cards and win millions of dollars, using his intelligence and communication by gestures and signs, as the primary means to cheat.
Thecommunication they use during the movie is about power and conflict. Power can be defined in many ways, as the ability to get what you want. The nature of that power can depend upon how the power isdistributed, how it is viewed, and how it is used. In the movie, the math teacher failed these when his acts caused a reaction in Ben and the rest of the team that he was in charge. Most times, there can bepower struggles between those that feel very powerful and those that feel they have little to no power; these individual perceptions affect directly communication. Conflict can be defined as adisagreement through which the parties involved perceive a threat to their needs, interests or concerns. Disagreement means that we are aware there is some level of difference in the positions of the twoparties involved in the conflict. Conflict tends to be accompanied by significant levels of misunderstanding that exaggerate the perceived disagreement considerably. If we can understand the true areas ofdisagreement, this will help us solve the right problems and manage the true needs of the parties. Nonverbal communication or body language is a vital form of communication. It is a broad term used todescribe any method of transferring information without words. This includes facial expressions, eye contact, gestures, posture, and even the tone of voice. The ability to understand and use...
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