21 Tips to have the power

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21 tips to have the power
Making the decisión with strategy no with emotions

Everything goes hand in hand with social interaction we know that the power has been importat like a tool and for this edition we decided take and present you the 21 strategies to have the power, we took this important strategies from “”The 48 Laws of the Power” Robert Greene and Joost Elffers 1998. Take them andput it in practice in your life to be better and achieve success.
Today we realize that the most important skill, and being the most crucial of which is anchored power, is to master your emotions. Respond emotionally to a situationes the is the biggest barrier to get the power.
The game is a socila game, to learn how we can master it, you should develop the capacity to study and understandthe people.
At the same time you have tu learn hoew to forget the past becasuse you can get confusse. Might you can look back just to learn about what you did wrong and make an oath and say: “I´ll never repit this mistake again”
1 Conceal your Intentions
Keep people off-balance and in the dark by never revealing the purpose behind your actions. If they have no clue what you are up to, theycannot prepare a defense. Guide them far enough down the wrong path, envelope them in enough smoke, and by the time they realize your intentions, it will be too late
2 Always Say Less than Necessary
When you are trying to impress people with words, the more you say, the more common you appear, and the less in control. Even if you are saying something banal, it will seem original if you make itvague, open-ended, and sphinxlike. Powerful people impress and intimidate by saying less. The more you say, the more likely you are to say something foolish.
3 So Much Depends on Reputation – Guard it with your Life
Reputation is the cornerstone of power. Through reputation alone you can intimidate and win; once you slip, however, you are vulnerable, and will be attacked on all sides. Makeyour reputation unassailable. Always be alert to potential attacks and thwart them before they happen. Meanwhile, learn to destroy your enemies by opening holes in their own reputations. Then stand aside and let public opinion hang them.
4 Court Attention at all Cost
Everything is judged by its appearance; what is unseen counts for nothing. Never let yourself get lost in the crowd, then, orburied in oblivion. Stand out. Be conspicuous, at all cost. Make yourself a magnet of attention by appearing larger, more colorful, more mysterious, than the bland and timid masses.
5 Win through your Actions, Never through Argument
Any momentary triumph you think gained through argument is really a Pyrrhic victory: The resentment and ill will you stir up is stronger and lasts longer thanany momentary change of opinion. It is much more powerful to get others to agree with you through your actions, without saying a word. Demonstrate, do not explicate

6 Avoid the Unhappy and Unlucky
You can die from someone else’s misery – emotional states are as infectious as disease. You may feel you are helping the drowning man but you are only precipitating your own disaster. Theunfortunate sometimes draw misfortune on themselves; they will also draw it on you. Associate with the happy and fortunate instead.
7 When Asking for Help, Appeal to People’s Self-Interest,
Never to their Mercy or Gratitude
If you need to turn to an ally for help, do not bother to remind him of your past assistance and good deeds. He will find a way to ignore you. Instead, uncover something inyour request, or in your alliance with him, that will benefit him, and emphasize it out of all proportion. He will respond enthusiastically when he sees something to be gained for himself.
8 Keep Others in Suspended Terror: Cultivate an Air of Unpredictability
Humans are creatures of habit with an insatiable need to see familiarity in other people’s actions. Your predictability gives them a...
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