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1) Can you complete this conversation?
a- Complete the conversation. Use the simple past or past continuous of the verbs.
Marty: how DID you GET(get) that black eye?
_______ You ________ (fall) or something?
Kevin: Not exactly. I ________ (crash) into a tree.
Marty: you’re kidding! How _________ that ________(Happen)?
Kevin: well, I _______ (ride) my little brother’s bicycle. And
his friends ________ (watch) me and ________
(Laugh) at me.
Marty: why ______ they _________(laugh)?
What ________ you ________ (do)?
Kevin: I ________ (not do) anything. But the bike is kind of
Marty: and I bet you ________ (try) to look cool, too.
Kevin:I guess. I ________ (look) at the kids behind me.
And I _________ (not see) the tree ahead of me.
When my brother _________ (shout). “Watch out”,
I _________ (turn)around, but it was too late.
Marty: oh, no! ________ you _________ (hurt) yourself?
Kevin: well, I _________ (not break) anything. I just
________ (feel) stupid.2) What’s in the bathroom?
a- Look at the picture for ten seconds, and try to remember where things are. Then close your book. How many sentences can you write?

1. A toothbrush is on thesink

b- PAIR WORK. Choose sex items from the picture. Give your partner clued to guess the items. Then change roles
* You use it to clean your teeth.
* A toothbrush or toothpaste.
3)Can you use these expressions?
* Use these words and expressions to complete the conversation. Use capital letters where necessary.

Whose – your – one – red – would you mind – I bet – bymyself – no , not at all – mine – hers – it was – bright – do you mind if – I guess – yourself.

Karen: Do you mind if I come in? You look busy.
Trish: no, make ________ at home. _________ handing...
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